Green Smoothie

Green Smoothies are the way to go! Try this quick and simple recipe :) 1 tsp of chia a frozen banana a handful of washed kale or spinach a celery stalk parsley & basil 1 tsp dried chilli (yep thats right!) 1 tbsp vanilla protein powder 1 cup water 1 cup favourite milk (I use almond milk) Blend like crazy! Get your zing!! #smoothie #greensmoothie

Repair Squares

A perfect post workout healthy treat 1 cup quinoa flakes 3 tbsp raw cacao protein 3 tbsp almond butter 1 cup almond milk 1 cup almond meal 1 cup coconut 1/2 cup of rice puffs 1/4 cup sunflower kernels 1/4 cup pumpkin kernels 1/4 cup sesame seeds 1/4 cup chia seeds 1/4 cup chopped almonds 1 tbsp of cinnamon 1 tsp vanilla essence 1 shot of coffee 1 tbsp honey Mix the dry ingredients except the chopped almonds. Kneed in the nut butter, coffee, honey and vanilla essence into the dry ingredients until it is evenly mixed. Add the almond milk gradually until the mix is a batter. (Taste it to make sure it's good! Add ingredients to suit your taste) Line a slice tray with baking paper and press

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