Healthy Indian Eggplant Pakora

1 whole eggplant sliced 1 cm thick Rub into eggplant Tumeric Ground Cumin Ground Coriander Cracked Black Pepper Ground Rock or Himalayan Salt Let sit for 15 mins or so 1 tsp coconut oil per batch Using a large fry pan, melt coconut oil and get the pan to a medium heat. Lay the eggplant in the pan and cover. Turn after a few minutes. Drizzle water on the eggplant to soften and add moisture. Remove once softened. Cook all the eggplant and put to side. 1 cup of egg white 1/2 tbsp of curry powder Stir till mixed Coat the eggplant in the mix and place in the pan (on fresh melted coconut oil) Top with a drizzle of egg white mix. Turn once cooked golden and remove after both sides are

Salmon, asparagus, brocoli egg white omelette

I buy egg whites in the frozen section of Woolies or Coles. I keep them in the fridge and make all different omelettes and other healthy things. Cook a tomato sauce canned organic tomato with onion, shallot with mustard or ground coriander seed and keep it in the fridge to top your omelettes. The one in the picture had wholegrain seeded mustard added to the topping. So delicious, healthy and low in calories. #omelette #HealthyBreakfast

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