FJ Client Spotlight: Megan Campbell

In our newest FJ segment, we're shining the light on YOU. We want to get to know you more and because we already know you're amazing, we want others to know you too! Basically, it's all about YOU. This week, we chatted to the oh-so-lovely Megan Campbell. Read on below! How long have you been training at FJ? I joined FJ in August 2016 and have been training there ever since, doing a variety of classes- HIIT, yoga and group PT sessions. What's one thing people might not know about you? I was an extremely fussy eater until my 20's but now love all foods and I really enjoy cooking, particularly for others! I find it relaxing and like being able to make others happy with healthy, home-cooked food

Miso Salmon & Simple Salad

I absolutely LOVE creating interesting, tasty meals that don't cost a fortune and are PACKED with flavour. And I've been at it again! This week I've put together a DELICIOUS Miso Salmon and served it along with a SIMPLE garden salad and Asian dressing. The recipe below serves 6. The Japanese style marinade includes pureed red onion which once cooked sweetens the marinade without adding sugar. It's SO good! Cooked on the BBQ gives it some extra flavour but you can also do this on the stove top in a very hot pan. I also oven baked some Sweet Potato Match Sticks as a garnish which, although it's a bit untraditional, complemented the dish nicely. You can use this recipe: http://minimalistbaker.

Easy Lunch for a Bunch of Faves.

This weekend I was catering for 10 people in a gorgeous outdoor location by the lake. It was my mum’s birthday and she loves my salads! Winning! The meal needed to be versatile, ready-to-serve, healthy and tasty! We also needed to cater for people who don’t like fancy food. I’m a big advocate for cooking everything from scratch but sometimes I will improvise (to ensure I’m not spending too much time in the kitchen and that I will be in a good mood when we finally get to the event!!) So, I made 4 salads and the recipe for 2 of those are below! The salads were a total hit! Surprisingly, the fussy people apprehensively ventured into foreign territory and the response was gentle nods of satisfac

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