Client Spotlight: Janet Carr

Meet Janet! We're loving getting to know some of our regular clients and we hope you are too. Here's our chat with the lovely Janet Carr. How long have you been training at FJ? I started training at Fitness Junction when it started. After some years I left to take up swimming, due to injury at home. I returned last year to assist me with osteoarthritis and to get more weight bearing exercise. So, a long time! What's one thing that people might not know about you? People might not know that Dino and my family sat around our living room one weekend, years ago, coming up with the name Fitness Junction! What do you enjoy most about FJ? I enjoy most the workout structure and variety, the experti

3 Reasons YOU should try HIIT.

Truth: Most people aren’t really fans of long, monotonous exercise and most people simply don’t have time! Yes, it’s true—you can actually burn more fat and calories when you work out for less time instead of more. Because with high intensity interval training, you can burn calories more efficiently than you would running for an hour, and it is much more time efficient. Amazing!? What is HiiT? Seen it bantered around but haven’t had an explanation? It’s basically a circuit style program. We usually have 8-10 exercises, some cardio, strength and core and you will move from one station to the next after 30-45 seconds on each. It’s fast, fun and if you’re doing it in the FJ Shed Crew, you’re

Client Spotlight: Jessica Burke

As promised, we are bringing you interviews with some of our regular Fitness Junction people! This week, it's Jessica Burke. Have a read and then come along and train with the best bunch of people around! How long have you been training at FJ? I started training at FJ in about February 2013. What's one thing people might not know about you? I love to bake. Spending time in the kitchen cooking is a way for me to unwind. I love the challenge of creating and baking something amazing and delicious. My girls, Molly and Ava, usually announce to the neighbourhood kids “mum’s finished baking” which results in a stampede of children through the door and lots of little hands at the kitchen bench. What

Versatile Beetroot Dip

As you may know, we took a week away camping for the end of the school holidays! This dip/meal base was created to accompany many feeding opportunities while we were away. We used it to accompany crudités, crackers and rice chips along with cheeses. We also used it in wraps with cold meats. It's a great filler in lettuce cups with feta cheese & smoked salmon. We also had it with BBQ'd meats with a fresh salad. So I guess you could say it's one VERSATILE recipe! Ideally, I prefer to bake my own beetroot (wrap in foil and bake at 180 for 45 minutes) but sometimes time does not allow this and rather than giving in and buying a dip, I prefer to either buy the vacuum sealed whole beetroot packs f

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