The Best Nut Butter Yet

We are NUTS for Nut Butter so therefore have made nut butter a number of times, different ways, different nuts and always been pretty proud of the outcome. I was looking for a recipe that nailed it for us and so kept on trucking. This is the version I am happy to share (on the internet, you can't have any of my actual nut butter), This is the recipe I will continue to make! 1 cup raw peanuts (slow roasted for 2 hours on 90 degrees - let cool) 1 cup of raw macadamias I use a thermomix but any high powered blender will do the trick. 20 seconds on speed 6 (Thermomix has 10 speeds) Scrape down the sides of the bowl. And then another 20 seconds on speed 6. That's it kids! It's TOTALLY THE BEST

Spice up your life with Kimchi

There is nothing like topping a meal with a few fermented vegetables. Great for the gut, yeah... but how about those taste buds!!! I'm all for gut health but my motivation is taste. When I google kimchi recipes I see all sorts of ingredients that I don't have nor that I want to keep. When I make the occasional kimchi, it is also with substitute ingredients that I am using for other recipes at the time. Sometimes I use miso for flavour and fermentation accelerator, this one I didn't though. It has fish sauce in it. I figured if the Koreans are using shrimp paste, I'll try fishy sauce! The other thing I notice about online recipes as that they use quantities to make enough kimchi to feed a

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