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Client Spotlight: Janet Carr

Meet Janet!

We're loving getting to know some of our regular clients and we hope you are too.

Here's our chat with the lovely Janet Carr.

How long have you been training at FJ?

I started training at Fitness Junction when it started. After some years I left to take up swimming, due to injury at home. I returned last year to assist me with osteoarthritis and to get more weight bearing exercise. So, a long time!

What's one thing that people might not know about you?

People might not know that Dino and my family sat around our living room one weekend, years ago, coming up with the name Fitness Junction!

What do you enjoy most about FJ?

I enjoy most the workout structure and variety, the expertise of the trainers, the challenge to improve.

How has FJ benefited your life?

FJ has helped me increase the amount of exercise I do, improved my arthritis symptoms and fitness level and motivated me to keep improving my health.

If one person is considering coming to a class, what would you tell them?

If someone wanted to try FJ, I would tell them how careful and attentive the trainers are and how varied the clientele is and how well organised the group sessions are.

Come and try us out yourself!

We can't wait to meet you.


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