Easy Weekday Work Lunches

October 29, 2018


So what about those Monday's when you've been flat out all weekend or taking a weekend away.  An easy solution for inexpensive lunches (i.e. avoiding take aways!) is to buy a bunch of groceries on the way to work and keep them in the fridge.  An easy salad takes a few minutes to throw together with the follow convenient groceries.


Bag of baby spinach / wild rocket

Bag of kaleslaw

Hot Smoked Salmon Fillet

Tinned tuna in olive oil

1/2 Dozen Eggs


Punnet Cherry tomatoes

Pepita & Sunflower mix

Hummus or other dip

Chives or other herbs



Day 1 & 2

Mix the kaleslaw and it's dressing, in the bag provided. Put 1/2 the bag into a bowl and 1/2 of the salmon fillet, sliced, top with some seeds.


Day 3-5 


Step 1

1/3 bag of baby spinach / wild rocket

1/4 or 1/2 avocado

Halved cherry tomatoes

A couple of spoonfuls of hummus or other dip


Step 2


* 2 eggs into a ramekin, whisk with a fork and cook in the microwave for 1 minute (or longer if needed).  Chop and mix through the salad / dip mixture.  This is delicious on a wrap bread or bread roll.



* Tuna, seeds, chives / other herbs (extra egg optional)


I sometimes like a piece of fruit and cup of herbal tea if I'm still hungry after this delicious and light lunch.




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