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Fitness Junction is a personal training gym based in Newcastle, Australia.

Mighty Michelle Bourne

June 17, 2019


Hi! As many of you will already know me, here is a few facts you may not. 

Full Name: Michelle Anne Bourne (YES! I am related to Jason Bourne).


I am an only child (and love it!) and grew up right here in Merewether. My parents, both originally from Sydney moved to Merewether for work as an interim for 2 – 3 years as they headed towards Queensland and the warmth. 33 years later, they are still here and smitten with Merewether – perhaps where I get it from.


I am mum to the most spoilt, loyal and GORGEOUS (no bias opinions here) English Staffy named Taylor. I love to cook and entertain (if you hadn’t picked that up already). I am a complete neat & clean freak and am obsessed with shoes. 


At the age of 5 I found my first love, Ballet. Our next-door neighbours at the time told my Mum & Dad one fateful Friday evening over a bottle of wine, to have me dressed and ready for ballet class that very next day so I could go with their three girls and see if I liked it. It was love at first sight!



Throughout my 20 years of ballet and dancing, I was fortunate to be under the guidance of Miss Tessa Maunder O.A.M. I quickly developed an acute sense of body awareness, interest in human movement and an enjoyment of teaching that I have since held. Facing the struggles of ongoing injuries and rehabilitation I was forced to retire from professional dance and look towards the future.


Unsure of any other interests or hobbies aside from ballet at the time, I enrolled in an Arts Degree at Newcastle University majoring in Psychology to see what might strike my interest. 4 years into the degree, it was suggested that I look into a degree of Exercise & Sport Science. Fascinated by the subject choices, I quickly transferred over and graduated in 2015. Whilst completing my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise & Sport Science (BExSc), I completed my Certificate III & IV in Fitness, ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coaching Certificate as well as many other courses including; advanced sports taping. During this time, I was fortunate enough to work with the Australian Ballet School Strength and Conditioning team, which led me to find my second love Strength & Conditioning. 


Wanting to further develop my knowledge and skills in the field, I enrolled in a Master’s degree of Exercise & Sport Science (Strength & Conditioning) via correspondence through Edith Cowan University (Perth). During this time I was fortunate enough to commence working right here at Fitness Junction!


Aside from the endless witty banter and all around good fun, I love that Fitness Junction allows me to continue to practice, challenge and develop as a Strength and Conditioning Professional. Luckily, the fabulous boss (Kylie Harris) supported me and allowed me the time off to complete my final practicum in Perth with world renown Strength & Conditioning coaches. During this practicum, I completed my ASCA Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coaching Certificate.


Finally, completing my Master’s degree of Exercise & Sport Science (Strength & Conditioning) in 2018 provided me with a real sense of personal accomplishment (something rather new to me). As such, I am driven to empower Fitness Junction clients in improving functional health and movement, improving self-esteem and boosting self-confidence.


As most of you will know my approach to training follows a rather “tough-love” style, as I am determined to challenge you as a client and always aim to bring out the absolute best version of you. 


Love, Michelle. Xx


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