LUNCH - Slaw, Sauerkraut and Chicken Breast

September 18, 2020


Last night's chicken, fresh slaw and sauerkraut - yum!


I often keep raw slaw in the fridge which i either whiz up in the thermomix or buy a bag from woolies, coles or aldi.  It's pretty reasonably priced and very convenient.


The chicken was cooked the night before.  It has a tomato and capsicum marinade, mixed with vege stock and then pan fried.




A handful of baby spinach

A cup of raw slaw

Sliced pre-cooked chicken breast

Sauerkraut to top

Guacamole to dress


I add spicy sauce, lemon juice, olive oil to the slaw when I'm serving.  Keeps everything fresher longer.


YUM!  and Easy!

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