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Our health & wellness centre is situated in Merewether, Newcastle
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New You, New Gym!

Do you have a gym membership and not use it?

Are you afraid to train, or to show up?
Are you getting results?
Do you have any injuries that need to catered for?
How is your technique / form?
What are your goals?
What would you like to improve on?

Do you know here at Fitness Junction (FJ) we have an amazing team of qualified personal trainers? We specialize in helping you.

We do group PT sessions fully supervised, monitoring and showing you the correct way to build strength, form to get fitter and stronger the right way.

We model our classes on COVID safe numbers of 5 to each class.

We allow an hour per session in that hour you get 2x 12 minutes of cardio (more or less as you prefer and according to your individual goals) and 6 resistance exercises in our weights area.

We can also do more personalised programs targeting your goals for you.

We structure every session for the results you are after in a clean, safe environment.

We watch your form correct your technique. Assist in building toning muscle and strength training, fully supervised and supported for you.

All our clients are loving our friendly environment here at Fitness Junction and our FJ family is growing fast and we would love for you to join us.


Personal Training

Personal trainers create a new program for you each time you visit to help achieve your goals. 


High intensity circuit training offers something different for a fun, fast, metabolism boosting 45-60 minute session. 

Weight Loss

We offer two programs; 

21 days Activate Change OR the full shebang 

6-Week Kick-Start.

Designed to assist in developing healthy eating and long-term exercise habits


A mindful workout for your body, mind and soul. 

Suitable for all levels. 


 I have found the FJ approach to training fun, achievable and challenging. Each session is different which keeps me motivated. Results speak for themselves.


The 6-week weight loss program was a great way to help me learn how to juggle work, life and healthy eating all  at once.  


Kylie, I am motivated just being in the same space as you. Thanks FJ for providing me with a gym space that is encouraging, professional, safe and empowering. 

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Andrew, Fitness Junction's Owner Operator, offers a free 10 minute phone consultation to identify your needs and whether or not Fitness Junction is a good fit for you.

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