224 Union St, Merewether NSW 2291, Australia

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Fitness Junction is a personal training gym based in Newcastle, Australia.

Established in 1999

Established in 1999, Fitness Junction provides people with the ability to keep track of their health and fitness goals by offering personal training, motivation and expert guidance. If you’re training for a special event or embarking on a lifestyle goal then Fitness Junction can help you. The trainers at Fitness Junction write goal specific exercise or weight loss programs relative to your exercise history, training time availability and lifestyle demands. As a client of Fitness Junction your progress is constantly monitored and your program updated regularly throughout the entire duration of your membership.

Meet Kylie Harris

Boss Lady Trainer

Kylie has worked in the Newcastle business community in various capacities and owned a number of businesses.  Fitness has always been an interest and has been a part of her daily life since childhood. Kylie loves Fitness Junction madly!


Her excitement is around bringing people into the Fitness Junction community, helping them with weight loss and making the workout as fun and rewarding as possible.  Kylie believes people who have weight, sleep and mood issues can get great results through exercise and good nutrition. She’s not an obsessive organic, vegan, paleo or whatever else diet person, she promotes a good old balanced lifestyle - a lifestyle clients can live with for the rest of their lives. Food is her favourite topic and making up recipes and sharing them on the FJ Blog.

Schedule a free consultation with Kylie

Kylie, Fitness Junction's Owner Operator, offers a free 10 minute phone consultation to identify your needs and whether or not Fitness Junction is a good fit for you.