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Prawn & Mango Rice Paper Rolls

I used about a quarter of a cauliflower & I food process it till it's the consistency of rice. A dash of peanut oil in a fry pan & add the cauli. I tbsp of soy sauce. 1 tbsp of fish sauce. 1/2 cup of white wine or water & a tsp of fine choped fresh ginger. Chopped prawns into the mix (about 10 medium size). Cook on low heat until the liquids reduce. Julienne some carrot, cucumber, red capsicum, mango & separate the leaves of fresh mint.

Soften rice paper in hot water & lay 4 mint leaves out in the middle, criss-cross shape. Place one slice each of veges along the length of leaves. Top with mango & put a tbsp of the mix along the full length of veges. VEGETARIAN VERSION - leave out the prawns. Roll & roll some more. Should make around 20.

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