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Cancer and Exercise

Do you know someone undergoing cancer treatment?

ABC's Catalyst program last night raised the interest of many of our clients in the gym this morning. Most of us have been touched by cancer already, either by knowing someone we love who has or is going through treatment, or even less fortunate, suffering the disease. By the age of 85, 50% of us will have had cancer! I didn't know that statistic until I watched the program. Watch the program, the research and outcomes are incredible.

At Fitness Junction we will be writing a specific program for one of our beloved members who is currently undergoing chemotherapy. This particular member bought this program to my attention. It excited him and me. We can't wait to start a new program to maintain his bone density during chemotherapy AND at the same time double his chances of beating the horrid disease with no side effects! If you're sick or if you know someone who is, exercise in most cases, can only help.

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