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Easy Lunch for a Bunch of Faves.

This weekend I was catering for 10 people in a gorgeous outdoor location by the lake. It was my mum’s birthday and she loves my salads! Winning!

The meal needed to be versatile, ready-to-serve, healthy and tasty! We also needed to cater for people who don’t like fancy food.

I’m a big advocate for cooking everything from scratch but sometimes I will improvise (to ensure I’m not spending too much time in the kitchen and that I will be in a good mood when we finally get to the event!!)

So, I made 4 salads and the recipe for 2 of those are below!

The salads were a total hit! Surprisingly, the fussy people apprehensively ventured into foreign territory and the response was gentle nods of satisfaction - tick! Therefore the fussy people salad was basically left alone (thankfully, it was and undressed standard green salad, which meant we could use it the following day at home). With guests asking for the recipes at the end of the day, we knew we did good.

This is roughly how it went:

This salad was inspired by our New Years Day lunch that a friend made for a bunch of us. She chopped and chopped and enlisted help and it was quite the mission of preparation but TOTALLY worth it. So delicious, healthy, the taste of summer ;-)

My version went like this. I was in a bit of a hurry after spending the morning outdoors with my favourite girlfriends walking, and talking so I enlisted my Thermomix as I didn’t have any keen helpers nearby.

The fishing co-op had local small king prawn for a reasonable price so I bought a kilo.