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Light Belly Warming Meatballs

We have a couple pasta lovers in our house and then there's me, who tries to stick to a gluten free diet 95% of the time whilst also keeping the evening meal nutritious & energising but low calorie. Big ask huh?

Here is a meatball recipe that ticks all the boxes and we each serve them to our taste / nutrition requirements.

Hubby and daughter prefer theirs on pasta with cheese on top and I have mine on zucchini noodles or just a big pile of baby spinach / rocket leaves and top with nutritional yeast flakes and dried hot chilli flakes.

It's healthy for all of us but caters to our quirks (well.... my quirks at least!).



500g turkey mince

1 cup chopped parsley

2 finely chopped garlic cloves

40g rolled oats

3 tbs almond milk (or your preferred milk / water)

2 eggs

Cracked Pepper & Himalayan Salt


2 cloves garlic