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Spice up your life with Kimchi

There is nothing like topping a meal with a few fermented vegetables.

Great for the gut, yeah... but how about those taste buds!!!

I'm all for gut health but my motivation is taste.

When I google kimchi recipes I see all sorts of ingredients that I don't have nor that I want to keep. When I make the occasional kimchi, it is also with substitute ingredients that I am using for other recipes at the time. Sometimes I use miso for flavour and fermentation accelerator, this one I didn't though. It has fish sauce in it. I figured if the Koreans are using shrimp paste, I'll try fishy sauce!

The other thing I notice about online recipes as that they use quantities to make enough kimchi to feed an army.

We are 3 people, and only 2 of us eat kimchi. We love kimchi but not all the time. So I just make one jar - it lasts a week or two and then we're not looking for kimchi for a while.

At the time of making, we had already eaten the napa cabbage that I had purchased for the kimchi making session so I used red cabbage instead.