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The Best Nut Butter Yet

We are NUTS for Nut Butter so therefore have made nut butter a number of times, different ways, different nuts and always been pretty proud of the outcome.

I was looking for a recipe that nailed it for us and so kept on trucking.

This is the version I am happy to share (on the internet, you can't have any of my actual nut butter), This is the recipe I will continue to make!

1 cup raw peanuts (slow roasted for 2 hours on 90 degrees - let cool)

1 cup of raw macadamias

I use a thermomix but any high powered blender will do the trick.

20 seconds on speed 6 (Thermomix has 10 speeds)

Scrape down the sides of the bowl.

And then another 20 seconds on speed 6.

That's it kids! It's TOTALLY THE BEST EVER!

I put a dollop of nut butter with a cup of berries for a dessert or a snack. Slice up an apple and use your nut butter as a dip. Make the oat and chia pudding, top with fruit and a dollop of nut butter. A tsp of nut butter on top of a medjool date - YUM! Make your own pad thai with your own nut butter - actually I will make that and share the recipe soon.

Go nuts.

Kylie x

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