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Oat & Chia Pudding Mk II

This pudding has less ingredients than the "Mk I" but I used homemade almond milk, which is super easy if you have a thermomix or powerful blender - see the recipe on the blog. The homemade almond milk is really creamy which makes the Mk II recipe super delicious.

Of course, you can also use store bought almond, coconut, soy or whatever milk you prefer.

1/2 cup of oats

1 tbs of chia

1 cup of almond milk

Refrigerate over night (if it's too dry, add some more milk) and then put together a pretty bowl like mine in the photo using whatever fruits / toppings that you have. Some ideas, frozen berries, banana, granola, yoghurt (greek or coconut), fresh almond milk, peanut butter, seeds.

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