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Stiff Neck & Shoulders

Stiff necks and shoulders are common ailments and inhibits healthy, happy adults all over!

We can talk about the subject, causes and therapies but today I am sharing a simple movement you can do daily upon waking which will help.

Start on hands and knees. Hands directly below shoulders, knees directly below hips.

Breathe naturally for a few breaths and start to wiggle around, loosening up through the shoulders.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, curl your spine up toward the ceiling (top photo). Roll your head and pelvis downward to make a C shape of your spine.

Deep breath in and then curl your tail bone up toward the ceiling, keep the core strong but arching your back and then stretching your throat as you look up.

Repeat 5 times. Aside from the spinal mobility benefit, the deep breathing helps your nervous system, lungs and has many other benefits.

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