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Bella McInnes

Where did you grow up?

I lived in Newcastle until I was 4 and then Mum and Dad decided to relocate our family to Stroud (where my dad is originally from). This rural change meant I was lucky enough to grow up on an 18 acre hobby farm where I was able to roam the paddocks, ride motorbikes and have 2 horses, Crystal and Princess (her name suited her to a T) cows and 3 border collies and a kelpie. These days I consider myself a bit of a gypsy as I spilt my time between Stroud, Newcastle, and Maitland, always having an overnight bag packed with me - keeps life interesting!

What have you studied?

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, Cert III and IV in Fitness and this year I have gone back to university to study a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Diagnostic Radiography), call me crazy..

Passion in fitness / sport / wellbeing?

Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I was heavily involved in sports such as dancing, swimming, little athletics and netball at both a social and representative level. However, during my Exercise and Sport Science degree my passion for playing sport influenced me to help assist sporting teams. I volunteered for 2 years as a sports trainer for local rugby league team and was given the opportunity to do placement with the Newcastle Knights and help with their pre-season training.

Other hobbies / passions?

Camping, pilates, binging on Netflix when I should be studying and exploring new places and cultures – I have the travel bug bad!

Your desired outcomes for our clients?

To help our clients be the best and healthiest versions of themselves in an environment that is supportive, safe and full of energy!

What do you love about working at FJ?

The thing I love the most about FJs is the focus we place on our clients, they are our number one priority and their needs and goals are tailored to their training programs.

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