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Rick's Health Tricks

Do you know Rick? Otherwise known as Ricky Martin, Ricky Ponting, Ricky Lake and Bella's Dad. Rick joined us two years ago on a mission to improve his health and wellbeing. He made progress and stayed with it and then 4 months ago, he started really working on his diet with our in house amazing Naturopath Bek Nutter. Have a read of his story below. We're inspired and know you guys will be too :)

Firstly, the question that springs to mind is, after a couple of years training with FJ, tell us about the motivation to dig deeper.

I was struggling with sleep, that is I went to sleep quickly but it was poor quality and was struggling throughout the day, in actual fact I had withdrawn from some of the things I liked doing like volunteering in our local community, my wife and daughter strongly suggested I need help with what I'm eating & should see Bek Nutter who is conveniently located in the same complex as FJ's.

In your earlier adult life, how did you exercise and move?

I played rugby league, social tennis and touch football and moved back to the country in my early thirties to our hobby farm, played with our two children & supported them in their sporting life.

Have you always been active? Yes, always, with the hobby farm, volunteering in the local fire brigade, school P&C functions when our children were school age and our children whilst playing sport, was sports trainer for my son's rugby league side for many years and recently I'm back in a sports trainer role with our local rugby league side in Stroud.

When did you realise that your habits were effecting your sleep etc? Probably mid-2017 , very sad I know that I did not act on this much earlier.

In your earlier life, what were your eating habits like? I found in early life as a child we as a family ate healthy balanced food , except for the bottled soft drink which was a treat !!!!, I found in my late teens , early twenties I could eat what I wanted & it did not seem to alter my body weight.

What does your work involve? Manual, sedentary, a lot of driving / sitting? A lot of sitting & driving to & whilst at work with a moderate amount of walking.