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Low Carb Loaf

If you've ever made "My New Roots Life Changing Loaf" you will know that it is super easy and you get delicious and nutritious bread fast.

People are into Keto these days, whether they're already on the keto plan, planning to try the new craze or keen to learn what they could eat if they did give it a go, I am being asked often what I think about the keto way of life and what they could eat. More on that another time.

Meantime, I started experimenting with reducing the carbs on the original loaf and found that the version I am about to share is the best I've tried.

I still love the original recipe and will bake both recipes for our household.

We're having one of these loaves every week at the moment. It's great with avocado, tomato, peanut butter or any topping you like. I love it toasted with pumpkin soup too. It's full of protein, good fats and fibre without gluten and it's easy to bake. I am a crappy baker (I am good at other things) but even I can manage this recipe.