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21 Days to Activate Change in Your Life

Yesterday we launched our 21 day Activate Change Challenge and we're super excited to work with the group who are first cab off the rank and will release a new date for the next bunch. What are the benefits?

The obvious -

* Workouts - one per week to do wherever you are!

* Tips on improving your current exercise routine.

* Meal planning

* Metabolism boosting tips

* Recipes

The not so obvious-

* Help to get out of your rut

* Ideas on making conscious improvements

* Ideas to crowd out some bad habits

* PDF Diary (hard copies included for gym members)

* PDF Food plan

* Diary support

* Email support

* Weekly phone / in person meetings

* Measure your progress

Is it the right time for you? Have more questions?

Email me


Look forward to getting you started :)

Kylie x

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