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Feel like you need to Reboot? Activate Change with Fitness Junction.

Julie Anne Longano, blogger for Bupa Health, yogi, yoga teacher, new Mum and media/advertising professional completed our 21 Day Program in the first launch. Julie gave us some great feedback which we have indeed taken on so that the Program will continually evolve.

Here is what Julie said about the 21 Day Activate Program: "I'm normally someone who doesn't get involved in those 'monthly' programs... I always figure what's the point changing everything up for one month if I'll just go back to my normal way of living afterwards? The Activate Change program was different; it actually equipped me with a range of tools and actions that I could implement straight away and then take into my daily routine after the month was over. For example there was a recipe in the program that I've since integrated into my diet once a week, then there were exercise elements I now know off by heart and can do anywhere, anytime. Finally, it was the 'different little' elements like positive affirmations that took this from being a fitness program to being something that shifted my mental wellbeing as well (and these go hand in hand). One of the best parts of the program was the ongoing support that was available at the end of my fingertips on email or just a phone call away. I'm someone who needs to be held accountable to achieve goals and this program achieved this for me in a balanced way that I'm so excited to continue into my future."

Is it the right time for you? After Easter and short weeks, longer weekends, I sure felt like I need a reboot and guess what, I've started and feel great about it!!

Let me know if you'd like to join me.

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Kylie x

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