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Thank goodness for the 27th of December!

When it's comes to the Silly Season, I am very pleased when it's the 27th. I love getting the house and my lifestyle tidied up!

I went to bed last night feeling like a snake that had eaten a whole chicken, whole! And to be honest, I don't think I even over indulged all that much - certainly not as much as I could have. The abundance is ridiculous.

The energy this created for this morning was fantastic. I had a run, a walk, a ride, did some yoga and then a swim! All before doing some cleaning and doing some work at the gym.

Replacing the ham and every other imaginable meat for a salad for breakfast and lunch and I'm feeling A-OK this afternoon. A 360 turnaround from this time yesterday.

Anyway, the point of this is that I was giving myself a hard time for letting myself feel so shit but then I decided to stop berating myself and went to Youtube and followed an easy yoga to promote digestion. Check out Adrienne's Yoga for Digestion when you've overeat!

Adrienne is funny and lightens the mood, promoting self care with gentle affirmations.

Works for me, thought it might work for you too.

Namaste! Now, what's happening tonight?

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